# Moosch

I'm a software engineer, and I go by Moosch on most platforms.

I've been playing with code since around 2008, and I remember a world without the internet or mobile phones. Yup.

I work at a place called A Cloud Guru, which is part of Pluralsight

I've had the joy of working with many languages and platforms over the years, including but not limited to:

I've also spend a lot of my time on designing and setting up infrastructure on AWS, and infrastructure-as-code with CDK.
My main activities here have been setting up CI/CD pipelines, container registries, load balancers, lambdas/cloud functions, Database clusters, that usual kind of stuff to get a project from 0 to scale.

Naturally I have worked a lot with databases, mostly Postgres and Mongo for large apps, but also Dynamo and Firestore, and some Mnesia with Elixir. Usually supported by caching with Redis or Erlang's ETS.

And currently, I'm taking a step back in time and learning some Common Lisp. The language that has all the shiny features that modern languages shout about, but nearly 30 years ago!

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